South Florida Flight Training
South Florida Flight Training

Rent Sport Cruiser Aircraft


Flight Center International boasts the most nice and well-maintained SR-20 in the Miami area. After the training or check out you will be ready to rent the plane at any time take to any destination include Bahamas, lunch with friends enjoining the beautiful views in a safe aircraft. 

Our aircraft is perfectly maintained Cirrus SR20, Glass panels. While some people think glass panel avionics are complex, they’re actually much easier to fly than a traditional round gauge avionics. Your Primary Flight Display (PFD) has all the normal gauges, but they’re laid out in a way that’s more intuitive and easier to quickly interpret in a high workload environment. The Multi Function Display (MFD) also gives you necessary information at your fingertips during your flight, allowing the pilot to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Rental Requirements & Rates All renters must be in possession of a valid Private Pilot License and a 3rd Class Airman’s Certificate. Both documents must be presented in order to reserve a plane. Non-owners renters insurance is also required and can be purchased at AOPA or AVEMCO. 

Rental Details

- The price is $135 dry per hour.
- CFI services $55.
Aircraft Specific Requirements Cirrus SR20 No less than 6 hours in a similar make and model within the last year. Successful completion of Cirrus Transition Course. Completion of a proficiency flight test given by a Performance Flight instructor.
For more Rental Details, please CONTACT US.