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What Can You Do with a Private Pilot License?

For the person who loves being at the controls while flying, getting a pilot license is the first step in the process of being able to do that on a regular basis. The easiest pilot license to obtain is a private pilot license, which is a license that allows pilots to operate small aircrafts that are generally used for personal purposes. Pilots who possess a personal license are allowed to bring along passengers, as long as they don't charge them a fee for the services being offered. Although it may seem as if a private pilot license might be somewhat restrictive in what it allows the pilot to do, there are actually multitudinous things that a pilot can do with a private license.

Following are some very interesting things that private pilots are able to do.


Offer Charitable Services to Those in Need

There are people who are in need of traveling long distances on a regular basis, such as families with sick children who have to be treated at a specific facility. Making trips back and forth to the hospital, or a treatment center, can become quite expensive, creating a difficult situation during an already challenging time. There are private pilots who will donate their time and plane for the purpose transporting those in need to their required destination,

Due to the fact that critical patients require certain equipment and personnel to accompany them on flights, private pilots generally transport non-critical patients.

For the person who has a heart for giving, becoming a private pilot will definitely expand the opportunity for them to help others.


Become a Tour Guide

While a person with a private pilot license cannot legally charge passengers, it does not mean that private pilot license jobs don't exist. It is important to understand that the regulations on who can charge for flight services, and those who cannot, are clearly drawn; however, one way that private pilots are creating private pilot license jobs is by offering a guide service. In this instance, the flight is offered as a free element of the entire guide package. Obviously, a person would have to have knowledge of the area in order to be a successful guide.


Master Your Region

While doing things such as becoming a tour guide can be fun and fulfilling, it is possible to take it a step further, by developing the ability to cover your entire region — for pleasure or enterprise. Being able to depart from one airport or landing strip and land at a different one in a completely different area is a type of freedom that is inexplicable.

After receiving the initial private pilot certification, it is possible for pilots to continue their training, becoming qualified in a number of different disciplines, up to receiving a commercial pilot license. As a pilot progresses through the different phases of qualified certifications, they will become better equipped to take those cross-country flights that can be so fulfilling and liberating.

There are numerous other things that can be done as a private pilot, such as joining a flying club or learning aerobatics and participating air shows. The private license does have some limits, but it opens the door to an entire new world, making a great place to start.