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South Florida Flight Training

Items That Every New Aviation Student Needs

When preparing for aviation training, there are a number of flight training essentials that prospective students should readily have on hand. Many aviation academies supply the new student pilot with baseline training materials, but it is best to purchase your own for reassurance that you will be using a quality and reliable product. The United States alone is home to over 593,499 pilots, so new students should have no problem finding high-quality aviation gear in our sizable market.



Of course one of the fundamental investments of any new student pilot is a reliable headset. Many headsets now come with active noise reduction (ANR) technology. ANR headsets still allow pilots to hear important instructions and other sounds during their travels, while providing any messages with much more clarity and precision. Many modernized headsets also come with different microphone options such as carbon and dynamic mics. Most aviation experts advise against dynamic mics, especially for new flight trainees. This is due to how easily dynamic mics are impacted by magnetic interference.

Here is a partial list of popular aviation headset manufacturers :




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Flight Logbook

Keeping an organized log of your training and other records is critical when entering flight school. Aviation academies expect all students to come prepared with an appropriate logbook for instructors to properly endorse that they are ready to go on solo flights. These logbooks are also commonly used to become certified in other areas during your aviation training and career. Many pilots find that these logbooks are useful when recording their takeoff and landing times, using them as a tool to improve their skills surrounding both areas.

Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)

The Pilot Operating Handbook ( here is a POH for Cessna 172) is primarily a manual that covers all areas of a standard aircraft. The POH is a great template for guided aircraft use, but it is also important to acquire the specific Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) of any aircraft that you occupy. Having a POH handy on your first day of aviation school will show your preparedness for pilot training, and will also give you a standard reference to use whenever you're in need.


A GATS jar is a device that serves a few different purposes. GATS jars allow you to analyze the aircraft's fuel while removing any contaminated AVGAS (aviation gasoline) from the tank. It also allows you to pour the clean fuel back into the fuel tank without becoming seriously injured. The advanced functionality of a GATS jar makes it very useful for the new student pilot.

Flight Bag

A dependable flight bag is by far one of the most recommended flight training essentials. Flight bags have improved by a landslide in the past decade, now coming with components that fit each individual aviation necessity. The biggest element to consider when looking for the perfect flight bag is where the bag is designed to store your headset. Headsets tend to be rather large and heavy, so you want to make sure that the flight bag you purchase is capable of storing them in a safe and convenient manner.

Student CSG Computer (E6B)

New flight students should also be on the lookout for a reputable E6B device. An E6B is used in the flight planning process for calculating estimated fuel burn, speed, flight time, wind properties, and other important flight factors. E6B devices are perhaps one of the most used flight essentials next to headsets and the actual aircraft itself!

Enrolling in aviation school is quite an exciting endeavor, and these items are just some of the basic necessitates that you will need to prepare. Arriving on your first day with all of the basic aviation supplies will illustrate how dedicated you are to your flight training, and also keep you safe and organized through your travels.