South Florida Flight Training
South Florida Flight Training

Congratulations to our CFI Sharad Mangal, Now First Officer!

Congratulations to one of our Certified Flight Instructors, Sharad Mandal who landed a job as first officer at  Endeavor Air. 

Since he began with us, his passion for aviation and instructing has transcended many students to immediate success. We want thank you for being the solid base that has turned many of your students into professional pilot over the years. Because of your dedication in caring about our student’s goals, performance, safety and attitude, you quickly became an  invaluable asset to us and we will forever be grateful!

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Thank you on behalf of the academy, faculty, and students for the wonderful dedication you have put in keeping our students, pilots, and customers happy.

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We know Mr. Mangal will be wildly successful in his new endeavor ( no pun intended =) ). Now you will be in the sky with new wings, and new winds. 


Fortunately for us this is not a goodbye. Knowing how much the academy and your student’s love and value you so much,  Mr. Mandal he will  be available for scheduled lessons on a limited basis.

Congrats Sharad! You deserve it.

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