South Florida Flight Training
South Florida Flight Training

About Flight Center International

Flight Center International offers FAA Part 61 flight training in North Perry Airport, in Hollywood FL. Just Minutes from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We offer quality aviation training no matter what type of certification you need. We provide training for:

  • Private Pilots

  • Commercial Pilots

  • Instrumentation

  • Certified Flight Instructors

Learn to fly with experienced instructors who have credentials that include:

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • Instrument Rating Certificate

  • Flight Instructor Instrument certification

  • MEI

Our flight training school has a staff of professional instructors, many of whom are bi-lingual or multi-lingual. We offer training for each of our students based on individual needs and are dedicated to providing each student with the knowledge and training they require to complete their flight training. Our services include:

  • Pilot Training Instruction

  • Airplane Rentals

  • Discovery " Learn To Fly" Flights

  • Aviation Training for International Students

  • Dinner Trips

  • Bahamas Certificates

  • Bi-Annual Review

  • Pilot Shop

  • Ground School

  • Aerial Photography

  • Instructor Rating

Flight School Courses and Certification
Our flight training center in Miami offers students a cost effective way to train as a pilot in aircraft that are maintained to provide the highest level of safety. We offer private and commercial pilot training that includes the required hours of flight training, night and solo operations, instrument procedures and simulated failures, air traffic routing, and procedures for handling emergencies. In addition, each student must pass a written test and take a practical exam with a representative of the FAA. 

Touring the Florida Coast
An exciting way to view the beautiful beaches of Miami is to take an airplane tour. Our planes have passed all the standards for safety and feature oversized, leather seating for passenger comfort and oversized windows that offer panoramic views. Extended tours take you over the Florida Keys to see Key Biscayne and the Cape Florida Lighthouse. You'll see some of South Florida's most iconic sites including the Art Deco District of South Beach, Brickell Key, Biscayne Bay and Fisher Island, and the Vizcaya Mansion with its elaborate gardens. 

If you want to earn certification as a commercial pilot and have a career in the aviation industry, or you wish to fly for leisure, we offer courses to accommodate every student. Contact us today at 954-668-0203 or email us