South Florida Flight Training & Aerial Tours
South Florida Flight Training & Aerial Tours

International flight school in Miami.We train student pilots from all around the world.

Flight Center International is an FAA approved part 141 and 61 international flight training academy operating North Perry Airport in South Florida. We offer a wide variety of flight training certifications to help you become a pilot at your pace. Start off your training with a  private pilot certification, and move on towards an instrument rating, commercial,  multi engine, and instructor training .Our staff consists of professionals flight instructors, several of which are multilingual, with decades of experience of teaching students how to fly.


   Part 141 & 61 Flight School



Cessna Flight Training

Aviation Training Financing available

  • 100+
    Pilots Trained
  • 98%Statsifaction
  • 42Countries Represented
Private Pilot
Step 1
  • 40 hours total
  • 20 hours dual
  • 10 hours solo
  • Pass the Private Pilot Knowledge test
  • Pass the Private Pilot practical test with an examiner
Step 2
  • 50 hours PIC cross country
  • 40 hours instrument time
  • 15 hours instrument flight training
  • Pass the Instrument knowledge test
Rent & Fly
Step 3
  • 250 hours Total
  • 100 hours Pilot In Command
  • 10 hours Complex
  • Pass the Commercial Knowledge test
  • Pass the Commercial practical test with an examiner
  • Rent Cirrus SR20

Rent an aircraft to take a trip, use for aerial photography, or us to get to a business meeting. We ensure all of our airplanes are constantly maintained to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Our aircrafts are commercially insured and inspected at every 50 and 100 hours. See why we stand apart from the rest with our highly maintained and reliable Cessna Aircraft or Cirrus RS20 Aircraft

Aerial Tour Packages